Pulse Innovation

Pulses (lentil, pea, chickpea, bean, and faba bean) in general are gaining ground domestically because consumers that demand gluten-free or vegetarian foods can eat pulses. Pulses are healthy. 

Plant-based proteins are among the top pushes/pulls in the Health and Wellness category. Pulses are important food ingredients to help lower cholesterol, reduce heart disease and control weight. Flax and pulses, for example, has a lower glycemic index and the high fibre content contributes to satiety. Flax has been approved for a health claim linking whole flaxseed to lower cholesterol.

Pulses can be incorporated into almost any food product. The snack industry is seeing a huge boom in “healthy, quick and delicious” product concepts. Another is meatless alternatives and meat analogues. In the past, the market for meatless products was mainly driven by pure vegetarians. However the consumer base for these types of products has evolved. Over the years, lifestyle changes and growing demand for healthier food alternatives has non- vegetarian consumers incorporating meatless products into their diets.

As food manufacturers become more aware of the functionality of pulse ingredients, the manufacturers are increasingly including them in products from snacks, meat analogues, cheese analogues, breakfast cereals, nutritional bars, snack bars, batter and breading, and baking.

Let our experts in pulse (and other crops!) innovations help you bring new product concepts to the marketplace.

Key contacts:  Shannon Hood-Niefer, Vice-President, Innovation & Technology  (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and Sara Lui, Product Development Manager (email)