With Saskatchewan crops being primarily exported for manufacturing and utilization elsewhere, extrusion is an integral processing technology that can transform Saskatchewan grown ingredients into innovative and healthy foods for world markets.  The Food Centre boasts extensive expertise in using extrusion to develop food product with higher health benefits. From snacks, cereals, meat analogues to even a nut free replacer, our Extrusion Team is helping agri-businesses and growers explore new market opportunities.

New food concepts can include direct expanded snacks, breakfast cereals, meat analogues and co-extruded snacks, among others, utilizing a variety of ingredients and formulations.  These formulations are transferred to our Extrusion Facility for test or large scale production.

Direct Expansion Extrudates

Breakfast cereals - loops, crisps, or other shapes PLUS snack foods of various shapes and sizes. Would you like your loops to contain quinoa or your crisps to contain lentils? We have expertise in extruding a wide variety of ingredients!!


Co-extruded snacks have a crispy shell and a soft center that can be filled with cheese, chocolate, peanut butter, fruit fillings or deliver a functional or nutritious ingredient (e.g. antioxidants). Delicious combinations can be created!

High Moisture Protein

Ginger beef with no beef! Yes, it can be done! Using extrusion technology, plant proteins can be converted to have the texture and flavour of meat.

New developments in extrusion on texturization of vegetables and other proteins using high moisture extrusion cooking have allowed manufacturers to create meatless products that mimic closely the texture and consistency of its protein counterparts.  Read article: Saskatchewan Crops ... Not Just Breads

Extrusion Team

The Extrusion Team is a solution-oriented group with backgrounds in food science, nutrition, microbiology and culinary art. Other divisions in the Food Centre such as Product Development and Processing enhance the overall service.

With our blend of equipment and team members, we provide a dynamic, innovative environment to assist you in transforming your concepts to prototypes to market samples.

Key contact: Shannon Hood-Niefer, Vice-President, Innovation & Technology -- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.