Processing Facilities

Whether you are looking for short term processing options or incubation for longer term, the Food Centre offers 2 federally inspected processing facilities to food processors from all sectors and of all sizes to enable companies/agri-businesses to evaluate market acceptance of their products before investing in expensive equipment and/or facility. Products for test marketing or market expansion?  No problem.  We are equipped to meet your processing and market needs.

Short-term Incubation Facility - Pilot Plant 

The Food Centre's Pilot Plant is located on 52 Innovation Boulevard (on U of S Campus) and holds various registrations, licences and certifications to allow our clients to access global markets.

  • HACCP Recognized
  • Registered under Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and certified to process meat, dairy, processed foods and honey
  • Organic Certified for Europe, USA and Canada through ProCert
  • HALAL certified through HALAL Advisory Group
  • FDA approved for processed foods
  • Bioterrorism registered for exportation of food to the United States and specialized markets
  • Fish license to process fish products

The facility is fully equipped to manufacture a variety of food products from jams and jellies to sausages, granola bars to dried berries.  Clients have the option of bringing in their own staff to manufacture their products or the Food Centre can custom process if you don't have the staff or time to commit. 

Long term Incubation Facility - Agri-Food Innovation Centre 

Our federal facility located on 2335 Schuyler Street offers 3 incubation suites for clients pursuing larger markets and need more capacity.  Tenants are able to bring in their pre-approved equipment for processing, ingredients, and supplies.  Office space, Food Safety Coordinator, Shipper/Receiver and some general utilities are provided.  For more details specific to your business, please contact our office at 306-933-7555.

  • HACCP Recognized
  • Registered under Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and certified to process meat products
  • FDA Approved
  • Organic Certified through ProCert
Processing Capabilities and Equipment

Meat Processing
Products: sausages, ham, bacon, burgers, dried meats (jerky), boneless ribs
Equipment: rollstock machine, slicer, injector, tumbler, grinder, stuffer, batter, breading, deep frying, baking oven, smokehouse, skewering, patty machine

Products: chutney, jam, sauce, honey, flavoured oil
Equipment: double jacketed kettles, various mixers, thermoformed blister packaging technology, sauce packets, bottling equipment, filler, emulsifier

Products: dried fruit, fruit juice, infused fruit, condiment
Equipment: bladder extractor and belt press, filtration system, pasteurizer, various fillers, choppers, grinder, emulsifiers, vertical form fill & seal

Products: juice, tea, tea bag (leaves), pasteurized milk
Equipment: double jacketed kettles, various mixers and fillers, bottling equipment, teabag former

Products: snack bar, protein bar, roast pulses, cookies
Equipment: kettles, choppers, dough mixers, bar forming technology, flow wrapper, vertical form fill & seal

Dry Mixes
Products: baking mix, dried fruit, seasoning mix
Equipment: mixers, auger fillers, automated packet packaging, small to medium stand up pouch packaging

Cheese and Dairy
Products: artisan cheese, yogurt, sherbet, pasteurized milk
Equipment: pasteurizer, cheese vats, drain tables, cream separator, packaging

Ready to Eat
Products: ethnic cuisine, deli meat, hummus, snacks
Equipment: kettles, fillers, choppers, grinder, emulsifiers, dough sheeter, impingement oven, continuous fryer

Key contact: Brev Chesky, Operations Manager, Food Processing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Still images of our federal facility: