The Food Centre’s one-stop service doesn’t end with product development. Once your product formulations are finalized, the Food Centre has 2 scale-up facilities to manufacture your products. Both facilities are on a daily rental fee depending on the complexity of the process and rooms required. Each facility has its own specialized food processing equipment.

Pilot Plant for Short-term Incubation

The Food Centre offers an interim processing facility to food processors from all sectors and of all sizes to enable companies/agri-businesses to evaluate market acceptance of their products before investing in expensive equipment and/or facility. More info

Incubations Suites for Long-term Processing

The Food Centre offers several processing suites to food processors for long-term lease.  Bring your own equipment and run your own process at our federally inspected facility.  More info

Extrusion Facility

Our extrusion facility is the hub of pulse innovation. Operating under Good Manufacturing Practices Public Health Inspection, the facility offers clients opportunities for test marketing of their products. It is equipped with our co-rotating twin screw extruder, extrusion auxiliary equipment and modular post-extrusion processing equipment. More info

Development Kitchen

New product formulations start at the Product Development Kitchen. Equipped with the latest gadgets and kitchen accessories, the Kitchen offers a range of services such as benchtop product development, scale up of recipes, hands on product improvement and small run of product samples. More info