Extrusion Facility

The Extrusion Facility is situated in the Peterson Building. The facility operates based on Good Manufacturing Practices and is Health Inspected.

The equipment list consists of a co-rotating, twin screw extruder, extrusion auxiliary equipment, and modular post-extrusion processing equipment. Our twin-screw extruder operates between 20-100 kgs per hour depending on the product and we have a preconditioner for formulations that require longer cooking or hydration times.

Our post-extrusion processing equipment include: tunnel dryer, continuous fryer, tumbler for coating, particle size reduction equipment, tray dryer and packaging equipment. Most of our post-extrusion processing equipment is modular and can be moved in or out as the processing conditions require.

The twin screw extruder was purchased from Clextral Inc. in 2009. Funding for the twin screw extruder was provided by Western Economic Diversification.